Cliff Williams III
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dark play or stories for boysForum Theatre

Rachel’s disgusting stepfather (Cliff Williams III, as good as I’ve ever seen him)
Tim Treanor,

dark play or stories for boysForum Theatre

Cliff Williams III adeptly portrays everything from giggly Asian school girls […] to chat room bullies
Jayne Blanchard, The Washington Times

dark play or stories for boysForum Theatre

an impeccably pushy cast […] manages to sell the […] unlikely twist of Carlos Murillo’s dark play. […] Cliff Williams III rounds out an exemplary cast
Peter Marks, The Washington Post

Death of a SalesmanArena Stage

…what is telling about this production is that Cliff Williams III is also superb as Stanley
Tim Treanor,

A Lie of the MindRep Stage

Cliff Williams III strikes the necessary no-nonsense chords as Beth’s brother…
Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post

The RivalsUniversity of Alabama

Everett and Williams make up the most impressive comedic team in The Rivals
Graham Flanagan, The Crimson White

True WestUniversity of Alabama

Williams as a loud, profane, crude and disgusting Lee, owned the stage.
Ben Flanagan, The Crimson White

Regional Theatre

Arena Stage
Death of a Salesman Stanley Tim Bond
A View from the Bridge Immigration Officer Daniel Aukin
Actors Theatre of Louisville
Dracula Butterworth William McNulty
Neon Mirage [Humana Festival] Campy Guy Wendy McClellan
Night Parachute Batallion Crenshaw Jessica Burgess
Albino Coyote Ensemble Greg Allen
Searching for Higher Education Solo Performance Zan Sawyer-Dailey

DC Area Theatre

Rep Stage
A Lie of the Mind Mike Xerxes Mehta
Forum Theatre
dark play or stories for boys Male Netizen Michael Dove
bobrauschenbergamerica Phil the Trucker Derek Goldman
The Skriker Johnny Squarefoot Kathleen Akerely
Round House Theatre
Cherry Smoke Duffy Jessica Burgess
Firebelly Productions
Twelfth Night Antonio Akiva Fox
Nothing Sacred Sergi Rob Hunter
Madcap Players
Local Story Bubba Christopher Snipe
Source Festival
How Much for This? Gordon Karen Berman

Outdoor Drama

First Frontier Inc.
Blue Jacket Moluntha Mark Guinn
Theatre West Virginia
Hatfields and McCoys Tolbert McCoy John Benjamin
Honey in the Rock Sherm Marina Dolinger

Educational Theatre

University of Alabama
True West Lee Peder Melhuse
The Shadow of a Gunman Seamus Shields Steve Ray
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Chief Bromden Peder Melhuse
Coyote Ugly Red Rob Radkoff Ek
Breaking Legs Mike Tina Fitch
Zastrozzi Bernardo Rob Radkoff Ek
Nominated for Irene Ryan Award, True West


The Broken Continent Vymont Ciscovaras Pictures
Four Squares and a Ball Chris Conspiracy Films
Deaducation Rick My Eye Productions
three Chandler Fernando Films

Additional Skills

SAFD Recognized Advanced Actor Combatant: Recognized in All Eight Weapons
Double Sticks, Whip, Gun Safety, Horseback Riding, Amateur Juggling, Skating (inline and ice)
Professional Bouncer (6 years)