Cliff Williams III

Advanced Actor Combatant with SAFD

Member since 2002

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Helena and Hermia’s catfight is a bravura performance. So is the donnybrook involving all four lovers.
Sophia Howes, DC Theatre Arts

Intimate Apparel

Where Theater J’s rendition excels is in staging the intimacy foregrounded in the title. While the Edlavitch’s small stage cramps a few of the production’s tableaus, Hernandez’s expertise in composition, aided by intimacy coordinator Cliff Williams III, shines through.
Jared Strange, DC Theatre Arts

Intimate Apparel

scenes in which Esther must dress her clients... benefit from the work of intimacy coordinator Cliff Williams III.
Ian Thal, Washington City Paper

Davenant’s Macbeth

The action spills offstage… as Macbeth’s final, electrifying duel commences amid the orchestra seats.
Peter Tabakis,


The action in this dark comedy, whether it’s the initial heart-pounding gunshot or the somewhat comical showdown, is helped by Cliff Williams’ fight direction, with each sequence inciting in the audience both gasps and giggles alike.
Jessica Taghap,

Girl in the Red Corner

What Fight Director Clifford Williams III has done brilliantly is carry these characters’ storylines vividly through their every grapple, grimace, and groan.
John Stoltenberg, DC Metro Theater Arts


Simon’s fight sequences - his opponent is never shown - seem absolutely authentic; Strain and Fight Choreographer Cliff Williams III deserve considerable credit.
Tim Treanor,

The Argument

…this new production…opens not with a pronouncement, but with a man and a woman bursting into an apartment, where they proceed, very entertainingly, to rip each other’s clothes off
Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post

The Scene

a frenzied and smartly choreographed sexual coupling
Charles Whaley,

The Scene

a gymnastic sex scene that practically puts Charlie in traction is priceless
Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

League of Resident Theatres

Arena Stage
Disgraced Fight Director Timothy Douglas
The Shoplifters Fight/Intimacy Director Morris Panych
Gem of the Ocean Fight/Intimacy Director Paulette Randall
Long Day's Journey into Night Fight Choreographer Robin Phillips
A Delicate Balance Fight Choreographer Pam McKinnon
Portman Porter Blues Fight Choreographer Lisa Peterson
You, Nero Fight Choreographer Molly Smith
Nina Simone: Four Women Fight Choreographer Timothy Douglas
Death of a Salesman Fight Captain Tim Bond
A View from the Bridge Fight Captain Daniel Aukin
Shakespeare Theatre Company
Amen Corner Fight/Intimacy Choreographer Whitney White
Everybody Fight and Intimacy Director Will Davis
Vanity Fair Fight/Intimacy Director Jessica Stone
As You Like It Fight Director Wendy C Goldberg
Olney Theatre Center
The Royale * Fight Choreographer Paige Hernandez
Signature Theatre
Spunk Fight Director Timothy Douglas
Round House Theatre
How I Learned to Drive Intimacy Choreographer Amber McGinnis
Actors Theatre of Louisville
Gem of the Ocean Fight Director Ron OJ Parson
The Scene Fight/Intimacy Director Rebecca Taichman
Dracula Fight Director William McNulty
Act a Lady Fight Choreographer Anne Kauffman
Six Years Fight Director Hal Brooks
Neon Mirage Fight Director Wendy McClellan
Practicing Fight Director Emily Ruddock
The Match Fight Director Pirronne Yousefzadeh
Night Parachute Batallion Fight Choreographer Jessica Burgess
Long Wharf Theatre
Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery Fight Director Brendon Fox
American Conservatory Theatre
Vanity Fair Fight/Intimacy Director Jessica Stone
* - Helen Hayes Nominee for Outstanding Choreography

DC Area Theatres

Washington National Opera
Porgy and Bess Fight Director Francesca Zambello
Ballo in Maschera Fight Director James Robinson
Lucia di Lammermoor Fight Director David Alden
Anne Bolena Fight Director Stephen Lawless
Tosca Fight Director David Kneuss
Salome Fight Choreographer Francesca Zambello
Studio Theatre
Chimerica Fight Choreographer David Muse
Woolly Mammoth Theatre
Familiar Intimacy Choreographer Adam Immerwahr
Dead Man's Cell Phone Fight Director Rebecca Taichman
The Folger Theatre
Midsummer Night's Dream Fight Director Victor Malana Maog
Davenant's Macbeth Fight Director Robert Richmond
The Welders
Girl in the Red Corner * Fight Director Amber McGinnis
Theatre J
The Argument Fight/Intimacy Director Shirley Serotsky
Intimate Apparel Fight/Intimacy Director Paige Hernandez
Yentl Fight Director Shirley Serotsky
Two Jews Walk into a War Fight Director Adam Immerwahr
Sons of the Prophet Fight Director Gregg Henry
Tuesdays with Morrie Fight Choreographer Jenna Place
Nathan the Wise Fight Choreographer Adam Immerwahr
Forum Theatre
Angels in America Fight Choreographer Michael Dove
Mad Forrest Fight Director/Asst. Director Michael Dove
Scorched Fight Director Michael Dove
Marat/Sade Fight Director Michael Dove
Holly Down in Heaven Fight Choreographer Michael Dove
Antigone Fight Choreographer Michael Dove
Language Archive Fight Choreographer/Asst. Director Jessica Burgess
Round House Theatre
Cherry Smoke Fight Director Jessica Burgess
Constellation Theatre
Metamorphoses Fight Director Allison Stockman
Oresteia Fight Director Allison Stockman
Blood Wedding Fight/Intimacy Director Shirley Serotsky
Temptation Fight Choreographer Allison Stockman
Theatre Alliance
The Raid Fight Choreographer Colin Hovde
Inkwell Theatre
OK Fight/Intimacy Director Jessica Burgess
* - Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Choreography

Other Professional Theatre

Crook Theater Company
Goodbody Fight Director Melissa Firlit
Loaded * Fight/Intimacy Director Wendy McClellan
Cape Fear Regional Theatre
A View from the Bridge Fight Director/Asst. Director Michael Dove
Theatre West Virginia
Hatfields and McCoys Fight Director John Benjamin
Honey in the Rock Fight Choreographer Marina Dolinger
Beauty and the Beast Fight Captain & Pyro Designer Rich Jagunic
Theatre Tuscaloosa
To Kill a Mockingbird Fight Choreographer Paul Looney
Arsenic and Old Lace Fight Choreographer Tina Fitch
* - Hilton Edwards Nominee for Physicality Direction